Presidential in Singapore

Sunset View of the Singapore Skyline from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

In one of the numerous cab rides in Singapore, our Singaporean cab driver, upon determining that we were of Indian origin, proudly narrated to us that he had served as a butler to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, former President of India , scientist and Bharat Ratna, when the latter was on an official visit to Singapore.  Our driver, who had an opportunity to converse with India’s President, was full of praise for President Kalam saying that he was such a famous scientist and knowledgeable person, yet such a humble human being who didn’t speak like a politician at all. Upon leaving Singapore, Dr. Kalam gifted him with a tie on behalf of India. Our driver said it was one of his prized possessions. It made me very happy to hear praise for someone who so richly deserves it. Through his friendly act, Dr. Kalam fostered a legacy of goodwill between people of different nations.

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