Midnight Sunset in Iceland

Iceland is one of the most beautiful countries I have visited. From the vast glaciers, stunning waterfalls, volcanic hinterland, natural hot water springs, interesting wildlife, and idyllic wilderness landscapes — everywhere your eyes look there is beautiful scenery waiting to be captured!

Idyllic Wilderness Landscape in Iceland with Mountains, Blue Sky and Water

My family and I toured Iceland end of May – beginning of June in 2017 as soon as summer vacations began for my kids. Having read reams about the different Icelandic seasons, it was clear to us that we would not be able to see Aurora Borealis or The Northern Lights during our trip. For that, a winter sojourn to Iceland is required. We were prepared to witness almost 24 hour daylight during our trip.

Top: Monochrome Image of Akureyri, Iceland’s fourth largest city ; Bottom: A Heart Shaped Red Light at a Traffic Signal in Akureyri

So it was with a pleasant surprise that the following incident occurred during our third night in Iceland. After driving along the Ring Road from the western part of Iceland, we reached our cottage in Akureyri, Iceland’s fourth largest city at approximately 11pm. Because of the long daylight hours, it is possible to sightsee in Iceland during spring / summer till pretty late. Exhausted, the kids ate quickly and checked into bed. The curtains were drawn in the bedrooms to simulate night time. Just out of curiosity, my husband and I peeped out of one of the curtains and were stunned to see a blood-red sky! We were witness to a spectacular midnight sunset.

Midnight Sunset in Spring in Akureyri, Iceland

I quickly grabbed my tripod and camera, and drove to an open parking lot nearby to capture this magical spectacle at 12 am. So glad that I did, because the next morning , as we were leaving Akureyri, the weather had reverted to default Iceland weather of gray, stormy skies with not a clue left of the magnificence of the previous night!

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